Prayer and Worship

Christian Prayer

​The school nurtures the Christian prayer life of its community through: 

  • Teaching and using a variety of traditional prayers and devotions for individual and communal use 
  • Scheduling time to allow for prayer and worship across the school 
  • Immersing students in diverse experiences of prayer e.g. meditation. 

Celebrating Liturgy and Sacraments

The school celebrates liturgy and sacraments through: 

  • Providing formation for staff, students and parents 
  • Arranging the physical environment and providing resources for full and active participation in liturgy and sacrament 
  • Providing opportunities for the celebration of the sacraments within the life of the school. 

Ritualising Everyday Life

The school recognises and ritualises the sacredness of everyday life through: 

  • Ritualising life events e.g. rites of passage, beginning and end of year, times of grief and loss 
  • Including prayer rituals in the day to day procedures and routines of school life 
  • Inviting parental involvement in prayer rituals. 
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