Process For Enrolment

1. Enrolment Information Session

Students applying for entry at Emmaus are encouraged to attend the Welcome to Emmaus information session held in February. This event is a great opportunity to take a tour of our Yaamba Road Campus, experience all of our facilities, experience our co-curricular activities and enjoy a BBQ dinner with your family. The enrolment process for Year 7 entry into the college begins in March of the year prior to commencement.

2. Completing an Expression of Interest

Please submit your Expression of Interest here.

Essential documentation to be submitted with the Application for Student Enrolment:

  • copy of latest school report card
  • certified copy of Birth Certificate or Extract or original must be sighted by Emmaus College.
  • copy of Baptismal Certificate (for those of a Christian denomination)
  • documents relating to special needs (any reports, action plans or assessments)

3. Completing your Enrolment Application

If we are able to progress your application further you will be required to complete further information.

Essential documentation to be submitted

  • any court orders or parental plans (if applicable)
  • immunization records

An enrolment Levy of $100 (non-refundable) is payable upon application.

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure your child’s enrolment can progress to the interview stage, please make sure you have completed all sections of the enrolment form and that all necessary documentation is included. If you are unsure about anything please do not hesitate to contact our Enrolment Officer at the College at or on (07) 4923 5758.

4. Enrolment interviews

All students applying for enrolment will be required to attend an enrolment application interview at the discretion of our College. These will take place at our College and at least one parent/carer will be required to attend the interview with the student. Our enrolments officer will contact you to arrange an interview time.

PLEASE NOTE: Interviews will determine the final outcome of your application.

5. Offer of Enrolment

Letters to parents/carers indicating the outcome of the enrolment application will be emailed. Parents will be required to accept or decline our offer via the link in the email.

An Acceptance Fee of $300 is also required to secure an offered place at the College, this fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.  Payment can be made online, please ensure you use the enrolling student’s name in the ‘Customer Name’ field.  Pay Now

6. Orientation

An Orientation Day will be conducted in November for successful applicants, prior to the student commencing at Emmaus. A Parent Orientation Evening is also available in November, and is tailored to parents of commencing students only.

Please see the below links for further information about enrolling your child at Emmaus College.


Sonya Acutt

(07) 4923 5758


Emmaus College has, as its foundational story, the Journey to Emmaus, a well-known story unique to the Gospel of Luke. The College embraces the theme of ‘journey’ as a fine metaphor; our students will journey with many people and groups throughout life and will meet Jesus in the other as they grow in spirituality, intellect, physical capabilities and wisdom.

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