Religious Identity and Culture

Ethos and Charism

​The school embeds, communicates and lives its particular ethos and charism through:

  • Using symbols
  • Incorporating prayers
  • Celebrating days of religious significance
  • Displaying the school’s vision and mission statements.

In Emmaus College, our foundational Gospel story is the Emmaus Story (Luke 24:13-47). Inspiration from this story, guides our community in flourishing. Read the summary here:

The Road to Emmaus Bible story is the first of three resurrection appearances found in Luke, in which two men are traveling to Emmaus just days after the crucifixion of Jesus when a third man “drew near to them.”  Together they walked and discussed the life of Jesus of Nazareth and how he may still be alive after his tomb was found empty.  When the men get to Emmaus and join in supper, the third man is recognized as Jesus himself as he broke and blessed the bread.  Jesus then vanished, and the two men returned to Jerusalem where they pronounced to the “Eleven” that the Lord has risen!

The Gospel Values that that help guide our community are Hospitality, Humility, Forgiveness, Love and Service. 


Luke 24:29

Like Cleopas and his friend on the road to Emmaus, God invites us to walk in his love, especially those who have lost hope or feel excluded.


Luke 24:32

Jesus modelled humility for us, sharing life in ordinary ways, eating, drinking and teaching us. Aware of our innate dignity, having been created in the image of God, we are well grounded. We are Jesus for the people in our lives through our everyday actions and our hearts burn accordingly.


Luke 24:32

Even when we fall and lose hope, Jesus walks with us, supporting us, welcoming us back to the table. May we truly forgive others in the same way we would like to be forgiven.


Luke 24:30 & 1 John 4:7-19

God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them. Love is the core value of the gospels. We share one table and bless each other with love when we share our time, gifts and talents.


Luke 24:33

Jesus calls us to act for the good of others, like the disciples in the Emmaus Story, may we be signs of hope in our community.

Our College Houses are based on persons of faith that have lived out the Gospel values of Hospitality, Humility, Forgiveness, Love and Service throughout their lives. 

Our House persons of faith are:

  • Saint Mary MacKillop
  • Blessed Edmund Rice
  • Caroline Chisholm

Rice and Mackillop Houses are connected to our foundational schools,Marian College (a school founded by Mary MacKillop’s order – the Sisters of St Joseph) and St Stanislaus College, (a school founded by Edmund Rice’s order – the Christian Brothers). 

Caroline Chisholm was chosen in 2020 as the person of faith for our  third House. Caroline Chisholm, also known as the ‘emigrants friend’ was chosen as her life was dedicated to welcoming the stranger, and being the hands and feet of Christ on earth for the people she met. 

The following posters demonstrate how these three persons of faith lived out the Gospel values throughout their lives.

Mary MacKillop Poster


Edmund Rice Poster


Caroline Chisholm Poster


Authentic Christian Community

The school builds authentic Christian community through:

  • Celebrating the cultural diversity of the school
  • Acknowledging connections with the wider church community
  • Welcoming, encouraging and supporting participation of families in the life of the school.

Sense of the Sacred

The school creates and values a sense of the sacred through:

  • Establishing and maintaining sacred and reflective spaces in classrooms and around the school
  • Providing professional learning for staff on religious art and iconography
  • Using the natural environment to enhance a sense of the sacred.

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