Campus Ministry And Prayer

Prayer is an important aspect of the Christian tradition and therefore should be an integral part of
the Catholic school.

The community members at Emmaus have a role to play in developing the prayer life of students and for cultivating a prayerful atmosphere within the College. God speaks to us in many ways including through the scriptures, meditation, creation, other people and through our feelings and emotions.

Each week prayer sheets are provided, offering a range of prayers and thoughts. Teachers are encouraged to pray regularly with their classes and tute groups. A reflection or prayer is included in the newsletter each week and provides a further opportunity for prayer at home. The AP Mission and Campus Minister will often develop prayers for specific events or activities. Students and staff are encouraged to prepare and lead community prayer whenever the opportunity arises.

Campus Ministry at Emmaus College focuses on three main areas:

Spiritual/Faith Development; Pastoral Care and Community Development. The Campus Minister works closely with the Assistant to the Principal – Mission and Heads of Spirituality and Community Development to provide opportunities for the ongoing faith and spiritual development of members of the Emmaus Community. This may take the form of:

– Retreat planning and/or facilitation
– Prayer and liturgy development
– Eucharistic Celebrations
– Links with the parish
– Links with the Diocese and wider community
– Action groups such as the Justice Action Group
– Liaison with other schools and groups
– Promotion of and involvement in events and activities both within the school and also in the wider community
– Conversation in the schoolyard with students
– Co-ordination of the retreat program in conjunction with Heads of Year and Deputy Principals
– Discerning the needs of students and staff for spiritual enrichment activities
– Companioning or journeying with students
– Preparation and facilitation of rituals for a variety of situations
– Maintaining connections with ex-students
– Sacramental preparation
– Ongoing pastoral care of staff and students and other tasks as necessary.
– Everyone has a role to play in developing the prayer life of our students and cultivating a prayerful atmosphere within the College. Our daily timetable allocates time for students to gather with their Tutorial groups and teacher    for prayerful reflection.

The ceremonial life of the College ensures all students are able to receive the Eucharist on various occasions, which include opening and end of year congregations as well as our College’s day of celebration, Emmaus Day.

Our College Chaplain presides over Mass each Thursday morning in our Yaamba Road campus Chapel, an informal and inviting voluntary prayer opportunity for all students and staff at Emmaus.


Aine Toman

Assistant to the Principal, Mission




Joy Phillippi

Campus Minister




Mark Roberts 

Head of Spirituality and Community Development, Middle School




Niamh Timlin

Head of Spirituality and Community Development, Senior School

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