Our Team

Emmaus College has a dedicated team of Teachers and Support Staff to provide a nurturing education for its students.

There will be some changes to our leading teams in Term 4, due to leave and replacements.

Leadership Team

Patrick Egan – Acting Assistant Principal – Teaching and Learning Semester 2

Middle Leaders

Matthew Barber – Acting Head of Year 8 Semester 2

Megan Wason – Acting Head of Year 9 Semester 2

Jessie McGahan – Acting Head of Responsible Thinking Process Semester 2

Linda McKenzie – Acting Head of Spirituality and Community (Senior) Semester 2


Eamon Hannan

Helen Howell – Senior School

Julie Maher – Middle School







Julie Maher – Middle School

Aine Toman – Mission

Andrew Pratt – Pastoral

Simon Warren – Teaching & Learning

Allan Hilcher – Senior School

Seamus Toman – Middle School

Megan Howell – Senior School

Matthew Lawson – Middle School

Ashling Canavan – Senior School

Bruce Collins – Middle School

Year 7 – Philippa Rea

Year 8 – Daine Horstman

Year 9  – Jessie McGahan

Year 10 – Ms Alison King

Year 11 – Melinda Spottiswood

Year 12 – Dan Mollard

Religious Education – Helen Mollard

English – Carley Elliott

Information Technology and Business – Karyl Young 

Study of Society Environment and Language – Chris Champion

Mathematics  – Peter O’Shaughnessy

Visual Art – Caje Goves

Science – Ron Howell

Performing Arts – Nicole Driver

Health & Physical Education – Darlene Hamilton

Industrial Technology and Design – Mike Harald

Textile and Food Technologies – Wendy Smith

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