Educational Mission Statement

The educational mission of Emmaus College is to provide holistic, relevant, Catholic secondary education to students and families who seek its values. This mission is enacted through a wide variety of learning experiences which are enriching and founded on right relationships.
Educational Mission Words: Respect, Relationships, Integrity, Empowerment

Pastoral Mission Statement

The pastoral mission of Emmaus College is to be a community of care, which gives witness to the message of Jesus. This mission is enacted through pastoral support that provides care and encourages each person to accept responsibility for their choices and to live justly.
Pastoral Mission Words: Support, Nurture, Justice, Belonging

Religious/Spiritual Mission Statement

The religious/spiritual mission of Emmaus College is to have a clear Catholic identity that is open and inclusive. As part of a wider faith tradition, this mission is enacted through the provision of opportunities for spiritual growth of the community and all its members.
Religious Spiritual Mission Words: Faith, Compassion


2013 saw the Sydney Roosters win the NRL season, the word ‘selfie’ get added to the dictionary and Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio became our new Pope. In 2013, Emmaus College presented Oliver!

Oliver! is a musical based on Charles Dickens`s book "Oliver Twist," narrating the tale of an orphan who flees from the orphanage to join a group of young pickpockets in 1830s London. He befriends the Artful Dodger, a boy under the guidance of the crafty Fagin, and is saved by a generous man after being unjustly blamed for a theft. Nonetheless, he encounters peril from Bill Sikes, Fagin`s aggressive accomplice.

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1997: John Howard is our Prime Minister, Harry Potter and Philosophers Stone by J.K Rowling is published, and the average price of a house is $150,000. Emmaus College also presents The Sound of Music to the Rockhampton community.

The Sound of Music takes place in Austria just before World War II. It revolves around Maria, a young woman who takes on the role of governess for the von Trapp family. Through her introduction of joy and music into their rigid home, Maria forges a close connection with the seven von Trapp children. Over time, Maria develops affection for the children and later their widowed father, Captain von Trapp.

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We would like to wish our Emmaus College staff, students and families a wonderful and safe Easter period ❤💙 ...

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What happened in 2004? It’s the year Facebook was launched, Apple released the iPod Mini, Shrek 2 and The Incredibles was in theatres and Godspell was the chosen musical for Emmaus College.

So what’s Godspell about? Godspell presents a contemporary reimagining of the Gospel of Matthew. Led by John the Baptist and Jesus, the characters engage in parables, songs, and interactive scenes that emphasize values such as kindness, compassion, and empathy. By combining storytelling and music, Godspell underscores the importance of love and forgiveness in times of adversity.

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Congratulations to Year 12 student Mattice who made her debut on Saturday night for the Capras Womens Team playing the whole game as wing! We`re so proud of you! 💙❤

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- YEAR 11 DRAMA! -

Congratulations to our Year 11 Drama students on their FIA1 Verbatim Theatre performances of "April`s Fool." Your honesty and authenticity shone brightly on stage, capturing the essence of the story. Well done on your powerful performances!

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This year, Emmaus College is celebrating 40 years of musicals and we’re taking a trip down memory lane every week leading up to our 2024 Musical – Mary Poppins!
In 1989, the Cold War ended, the Berlin Wall came down, the Galileo Spacecraft was launched by NASA and it’s the year Emmaus College presents Brigadoon.

Brigadoon is about two New Yorkers (Tommy and Jeff) who stumble upon Brigadoon, a mystical village in the Scottish Highlands that appears for a single day once every hundred years. Tommy is captivated by the village and falls in love with a local girl named Fiona. However, he soon learns the truth about Brigadoon’s magical existence: if anyone from the outside world stays in the village, it will vanish forever. Tommy must now choose between his love for Fiona and the life he knows back in New York.

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Six of our Year 11 rowers from Emmaus are currently competing in the Australian National School Championships at the Sydney International Regatta Centre in Penrith. The squad is racing in the Open School Boys, Open School Girls, Open Coxed Quad and Open Coxed Quad Sprints over four days. Good luck to you all! ❤️💙

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