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How the Emmaus College Rockhampton Second Hand Uniform Shop Works

Emmaus College Rockhampton Sign Up
All that is required to use the Emmaus College Rockhampton Second Hand Uniform Shop is to fill out the simple registration form.

The only information you have to supply is your name, email and phone number. These are the details that will be shared if a purchase is made.

To sign up just go to the Shop Page, and click on the Sign Up button.

Sell your Emmaus College Rockhampton Uniforms
To add clothing or any other school related items then just click on the Add Listing button and fill out the supplied fields.

If you want to add an image then simply click on the Upload Image button and a second screen will appear to allow you to browse and upload your image. You can upload a maximum of 4 images, if you make a mistake then you can click on the Delete Image button to remove the currently displayed image.

After you have finsihed filling out all the information then just click on the Create New Listing button. Once that is done it will be listied on the shop page.

Purchase a Emmaus College Rockhampton Second Hand Item
Once you have signed up you are able to purchase any of the items listed on the Emmaus College Rockhampton Shop page.

Simply click on the View Item button on any item you wish to learn more about or purchase. Once the Item screen is open if you wish to buy the item then simply click on the Commit to Buy button.

If you click on the Commit to Buy button then you will be sent to screen displaying the sellers contact information and the same details will also be emailed to you. From this point it is up to you and the seller to organise the transfer of goods and money.

***Please note Emmaus College does not oversee this site; all transactions are organised directly through parents/carers and we can not access your information.

Student Backpacks

As of 2019 students will be issued with Emmaus College backpacks

Students in Year 8 and 9 will receive College backpacks when they enter Year 10

If you wish to order a backpack for your student in the meantime click here




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