Evangelisation and Faith Formation

Living the Gospel

The school fosters the call to live the gospel through:

  • Reflecting the life and message of Jesus Christ through routines and practices e.g. hospitality and outreach 
  • Establishing policies, practices and structures that promote inclusion and a sense of belonging to a Christian community 
  • Presenting the gospel message in engaging ways. 

Spiritual Formation

The school nurtures the spiritual formation of each individual through:

  • Providing faith formation experiences for students, staff and parents 
  • Providing opportunities to express spiritual awareness through the creative arts 
  • Celebrating the religious unity and diversity within the school community.

Witness to the Wider Community

The school witnesses to the wider community through:

  • Building collaborative relationships with the parish and local church 
  • Participating in the life of the local community e.g. service organisations, youth ministry, aged-care 
  • Engaging with students from other schools to give witness to the beliefs and values of the Catholic tradition.
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