If you will be absent from school for 3 days or more

Consult your teachers at least 2-3 weeks before you leave

Attach additional information &/or documentation as required.

Notification of Extended Leave


Please complete and return this Permission/Medical form which is intended to provide the teacher/supervisor with sufficient information to ensure your child’s well-being and which, in the event of an accident or injury, can be passed on to appropriate medical authorities for any necessary emergency assistance.

Permission-Medical Form


STUDENT – Complete Page 1
STUDENT – Discuss with your teacher/s

CLASSROOM TEACHER – Submit form to relevant Head of Faculty for approval
HEAD OF FACULTY – Submits form to APC

Application for Extension

Remark requests must be in no later than 3 days after you have discussed your work with your teacher. This form is to be submitted at the student reception via the assignment box.

Application for re-mark (non-spoken-only)

Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments (AARA)

Application for AARA

Medical reports may only be completed by the student’s general practitioner (GP), medical specialist, or psychologist (registered under Queensland’s Medical Practitioners Registration Act 2001 and/or Queensland’s Psychologists Registration Act 2001). The health professional providing a report must not be related to the student or employed by the school. The information provided needs to be current and relate to the relevant assessment period.
Information provided in this report is treated in strictest confidence and is only used for the purpose of determining the student’s AARA application.
If the health professional does not use this report form, they must supply a current medical report containing all of the following information.

181436_AARA Medical report form

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