Responsible Thinking Process

At Emmaus College we hold the belief that respect is an essential element of any community and in the classroom this means that all should respect the teacher’s right to teach and a student’s right to learn. The behaviour management program implemented at Emmaus, the Responsible Thinking Process (RTP), is based on this principle. RTP is consistent with the Catholic mission of the College. It is focused on respecting the dignity of each person and acting in a just manner, while challenging all students to be responsible for their own actions and attitudes to the community.

When a student disrupts in a classroom, he/she is asked a series of questions to:

1. Allow the student to reflect on the nature of their disruption.

2. Establish for the teacher what the student wants to do – remain in class or leave the classroom.

3. Give the student a choice (control over his/her destiny).

If a student chooses to go to the Planning Room, his/her teacher completes a referral form. Once a student enters the Planning Room, he/she may only communicate with the Planning Room staff. The Planning Room teacher discusses with the student his/her referral and establishes what the student wishes to do. The Planning Room is a supportive environment to help students to learn how to control their experiences at school in ways that will not disrupt and/or disturb others who are attempting to do the same. Parents will receive a text message when their child is referred to the Planning Room.

Once a student indicates a desire that they want to return to class, he/she completes a plan. The plan is then taken to the relevant teacher and they negotiate. When they agree on the plan it is signed by the student and the teacher, and returned to the Planning Room by the student. The student is then invited to resume attending that class. If a student’s plan is unsuccessful in enabling a productive learning environment, they return to the Planning Room to modify their plan or write a new one.

Parents/Carers may contact either the Head of Responsible Thinking Process or relevant teacher to discuss their child’s plan.








Matthew Barber

Head of Responsible Thinking Process

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