Spiritual Mission

At Emmaus College we endeavour in all aspects of curriculum to present our students with a consistent and coherent Christian view of life: a view that sees religion and spirituality as an integral part of life.

While we are a Catholic College and many members of our community come from that tradition, we welcome students and families from other backgrounds. We are open to all who share our values.

The College acknowledges that religious and spiritual formation is a life-long process and that Emmaus has an important role to play in this, along with the home and wider church.  The Religious Education program at Emmaus College includes formal religious education lessons to provide students with a body of knowledge about the Catholic faith tradition, while also encouraging curiosity, understanding and respect for the various religions of the world. These are essential to our provision of a holistic spiritual education.

Retreats, faith experiences, social justice workshops, discussion groups, friendship days and camps are essential means by which Emmaus College provides opportunities for faith development for students and staff outside the classroom.

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