Religious Life of the School

At Emmaus College we endeavour in all aspects of curriculum to present our students with a consistent and coherent Christian view of life: a view that sees religion and spirituality as an integral part of life.

While we are a Catholic College and many members of our community come from that tradition, we welcome students and families from other backgrounds. We are open to all who share our values.

The College acknowledges that religious and spiritual formation is a life-long process and that Emmaus has an important role to play in this, along with the home and wider church. Religious Education at Emmaus College develops students’ knowledge and understandings of Christianity in the light of Jesus and the Gospel, and its unfolding story and diversity within contemporary Australian and global society. It expands students’ spiritual awareness and religious identity, fostering their capacities and skills of discerning, interpreting, thinking critically, seeking truth and making meaning. It challenges and inspires their service to others and engagement in the Church and the world.  

Religious Education has two distinct but complementary components; the classroom teaching and learning of religion and the religious and Catholic Christian ethos of the college community, known as RLoS, which has four interconnected areas: faith formation, social action and justice, religious identity and culture and prayer and worship and is represented in the diagram.

Religious Life of the School – Components and Elements

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