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Girls Uniforms

  • Blouse and skirt
  • Tie
  • Jacket and Woolen Jumper
  • Vest (optional in winter)
  • Socks
  • Hat
  • Shoes – black, leather, lace up school shoes (not joggers or slip on shoes)
  • Stockings – navy (optional)

Boys Uniforms

  • Shirt
  • Shorts
  • Tie – worn in Terms 2 and 3
  • Jacket or Woolen Jumper
  • Vest (optional in winter)
  • Socks
  • Hat
  • Belt – black leather
  • Shoes – black, leather, lace up school shoes (not joggers or slip on shoes)
  • Long College trousers (optional)



Uniform Information

PE Uniform

The PE uniform should not be worn to or from school. Time is provided in the PE lesson to change into and out of the PE uniform.

School shoes

School shoes must be black leather lace up shoes.  Buckled, jogger or slip on style shoes or variations of these, are not suitable for school. If you have any questions about what is allowed, please contact the office. Students who are unable to wear the required school shoes for medical reasons are asked to bring a letter from their doctor indicating the nature of suitable footwear for the student.


The College hat is compulsory and must be carried at all times and worn when in the sun.  The sun safety message is very clear. Overexposure to ultraviolet radiation (UVR) from the sun during childhood and adolescence is known to be a major cause of skin cancer. All students need to have a school hat with their name clearly marked inside the hat, not on the brim. When writing their name inside the hat we suggest using white out and avoiding the label.


Hairstyles should be neat and tidy in appearance. Hair longer than shoulder length should be tied back. Hair should be brushed back from the face. There should be no extremes in style, cut or colour. Extremes in style, cut or colour could include markedly different hair lengths, lurid and bright colourings or multi-coloured hair. What one parent or student might find acceptable could be considered extreme by another parent or student and vice versa. To overcome this potential misunderstanding, the decision about the suitability of a particular hairstyle lies with the Principal or Deputy Principal.


The following jewellery is permitted as part of the College uniform:

  • one plain ring
  • watch
  • one fine chain or fine chain with small religious emblem
  • no boys’ earrings
  • girls’ earrings: 1 plain stud or sleeper worn in the lower ear lobe
  • no other visible body piercing or visible tattooing is allowed
  • sunglasses are permitted when outdoors

Girls’ Uniform

The length of a girl’s skirt is to be between the bottom of the knee and mid-calf. The top of the skirt should not be rolled over. Girls need to wear the uniform socks (available from Y’s Uniforms) – not plain white socks. When choosing the uniform blouse, girls need to make sure that even with their arms partly stretched out, the blouse still covers the top of the skirt. Girls need to wear their school tie daily. The school tie should not be rolled over to shorten.

Boys’ Uniform

When buying a boy’s shirt, please ensure that the top button can be done up comfortably to allow for the wearing of ties. The size of the shirt must also be such that the shirt can be tucked into the shorts or long trousers without easily coming out.

Boys must wear belts.  This belt must be a plain black leather belt with no extra writing or decoration.

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