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Year 8 Science students experience the JOIDES resolution

Date: September 7, 2017     Posted by: Kirby Chandler

Last week, Ms Olver’s Year 8 Science class had the opportunity to talk to a number of scientists on board the JOIDES resolution.

The JOIDES resolution is a scientific research vessel which is currently conducting an exhibition in the waters off the coast of Tasmania with scientists from all over the world on board.

The students Skyped with the scientists who presented their scientific findings, as well as giving an on board tour of their vessel.

Six of these students were asked to provide feedback, and this is what they had to say:

I had learnt form the JOIDES resolution that the drill string can dig 8235 meters deep in the ocean which is about 9 km beneath the sea floor. What comes out is a very long cores which can sometime have microfossils in them. The ship is working 24 hours meaning that everyone is on shifts. Work never stops and the vessel has 30 scientists on board on the current expedition. 

–Hadi Muhammed

While we were having the chat with the JOIDES Resolution I found out that science is not just about being in a science lab. Science is all around us and that is amazing. I found out that science is fun and something I might consider for the future.

–Sophee Connors

I thought it was cool that we were able to talk first hand to like ‘real life’ scientists and how they go about their day to day life. I found it interesting when they mentioned the 8th continent of the world – Zealagdia.

–Dylan Bertucci

The opportunity to talk to some of the crew on the JOIDES resolution was a really interesting and informative experience. I thought the fact that they showed us round some of the ship and gave some examples of what they were doing was really interesting.

–Brodie Lucht

–By having the opportunity to chat with members of the JOIDES Resolution crew, I have found that science is a living subject that is still very much put to use in our lives today. I experienced the enthusiasm and utter love of the subject by being able to chat with the crew and found out more about career options that are available after choosing science as a subject in high school. This opportunity is one I will always remember and treasure!

–Aishwariya Manikandan

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