Fee Structure

Emmaus College Diocesan School Fees 2020

Emmaus College has implemented annual billing, starting in 2020.

Yearly fees for students Year 7-10 are: $4,347

Yearly fees for students Year 11-12 are: $5,277

Billing and Payment Information

The options for payment of school fees are:

  • Full payment 4 weeks from date of issue paid via Bpay or Parent Lounge
  • Direct debit payments must commence by the 7th February 2020 and be finalised by 30th November 2020.

Indicated below are the direct debit payment amounts required to commence by 7th February 2020, to ensure the fees are paid in full by the 30th November 2020.




Parent Lounge

  • Parent Lounge allows families to view fee account balances throughout the year
  • Excursions, Sport & Extras are paid via Parent Lounge

Excursion Policy

Please note that optional excursions, co-curricular trips and overnight retreats are not compulsory and all school fees must be up to date for your student to participate. Emmaus College reserves the right to approve student participation in any of these excursions.  In the event of camp/excursion cancellation or if the school decides the student is not able to participate, all monies will be credited to the school fee account.

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