Fee Structure

Emmaus College – Diocesan School Fees – 2018

Why are School Fees necessary?

Federal and State Governments acknowledge the right of parents to choose the school which best suits their children’s needs for educational, religious, cultural or other reasons.

However, in comparison with funds spent on children in Government schools, Government funds committed to non-Government schools remain limited. Your contribution through school fees is essential to the continued operation of your Catholic school.

The Tuition Fee, Technology Levy and College Building Levy are set by the Director of the Catholic Education Office.

Please note that there are four terms per year. Accounts are sent out each term, with approximately one quarter of the yearly fees and levies charged. All parents are requested to pay their school fees by the due date or make suitable arrangements for periodic payments by contacting the Finance office.

2018 Tuition Fees and Levies

 Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11Year 12
TOTAL COST$4265$4390$4330$4265$5060$5090
Tuition Fees$2120$2120$2120$2120$2600$2600
Technology Levy$100$100$100$100$100$100
College Building Levy$485$485$485$485$485$485
School-Based Levy$530$530$530$530$650$650
Specific Purpose Charge$790$800$890$840$1015$1080
Parents and Friends Levy$120$120$120$120$120$120
Other Costs (approximate)$120$235$85$70$55$55

Technology Levy

Currently, an annual Technology Levy of $100 per student (to a maximum of 2 students per family or $200) is charged for technology capital purposes.  Diocesan primary schools, however, take priority regarding this levy.  If an Emmaus family has two children at a Diocesan primary school then Emmaus would not ask for the levy.  If an Emmaus family has one student at a Diocesan primary school, then the maximum Emmaus could request would be $100.

College Building Levy

Families will appreciate that there is a substantial cost to the Diocese in maintaining and developing the existing school buildings.  It is necessary to raise capital income to service related debt or to otherwise support capital works. Each family will be charged a building levy of $485 in conjunction with normal school fees billings except where families have children attending a Diocesan Catholic primary school. As this amount forms a collectable part of school fees no tax deduction is possible.

School Based Levies

School-based levies are charges for curriculum resources and library books. These levies are set as 25% of the non-discounted tuition fees per student.

Specific Purpose Charges

Specific Purpose Charges are charges for items such as consumable products and photocopying costs, and include what was previously covered by subject levies. The cost of Year level compulsory retreats are also covered by the Specific Purpose Charge. Costs for voluntary retreats, Year 8 and Year 9 camp, excursions, guest presenters or performances, extra costs for particular sports, instrumental music, and so forth, will be charged separately.

In 2018, all students will be issued with school laptops.  The cost per student for this will be $88.00 per term.  This charge is included in the Specific Purpose Charge.

Parents and Friends Levy

This contribution supports the work of the P & F Association and is in lieu of all other P & F fundraising.

Other costs

These costs relate to a school calendar, ID card, school magazine, a calculator and lock for Year 7 students, the camp for Year 8 students and the end of school year excursion for students.

Financial Hardship

It is the policy of this school that no student should be excluded from being enrolled or continuing to be enrolled due to the inability to pay full fees.

From Term One 2018 a Concession Card Discount was introduced to further support families in our College.  Parents/carers with an eligible means-tested Australian government health care or pensioner concession card will automatically receive a 70% discount on tuition fees.

Furthermore, new or existing parents, who are experiencing financial hardship, and may or may not hold a concession card, are encouraged to discuss alternate fee discounts directly with the Finance Manager, who will treat the situation confidentially.

Family Discount

The table below shows the discounts available depending on the number of students in the family attending diocesan schools.  A Family Census Audit form must be completed and returned to obtain family discounts and to comply with Diocesan Catholic Education Office and government audit requirements.  Please contact the office if you require a replacement Family Census Audit form.

2018 Tuition Fee Schedule – Tuition Fee Per Student

Students in Diocesan SchoolsOneTwoThreeFour (or more)
Discount Percentage0%12.5%35%50%
LOWER SECONDARY - per week (40 weeks)$53$46.37$34.45$26.50
LOWER SECONDARY - per term$530$463.80$344.5$265
LOWER SECONDARY - per year$2120$1855$1378$1060
UPPER SECONDARY - per week (40 weeks)$65$56.88$42.24$32.50
UPPER SECONDARY - per term$650$568.80$422.50$325
UPPER SECONDARY - per year$2600$2275$1690$1300

Payment Options

The options for the payment of school fees are:

BPAY: for BPAY telephone and internet banking, contact your financial institution to make a payment or setup a regular payment from your cheque, savings, debit, credit card or transaction account.

PARENT LOUNGE: view your school fee account balance and make a payment using a Visa or Mastercard. Log in through the Emmaus website (www.emmaus.qld.edu.au), clicking on ‘Parent Lounge Login’, using your Parent Code and password.

DIRECT DEBIT: bank account or credit card (weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments).  The following forms are available on the Emmaus website – Direct Debit Request Form (bank account), Direct Debit Request (credit card).  Please note the original form must be returned to the Finance office (Main Street).  Emailed or faxed copies cannot be accepted.

Direct Debit Request - bank account


Direct Debit Request - credit card


Family Census Letter 2018


Direct Debit Payments

The table below indicates the direct debit payment amount required to commence in January 2018 to pay the fees in full by the end of the school year.

Payment FrequencyYear 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11Year 12

(Please note the above figures have been rounded)

Additional costs will be incurred if a student participates in Instrumental Music or the Certificate III programs.  The costs will be charged to the school fees.

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