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Ron Howell Head of Faculty, Science

Increasingly, in a world where knowledge itself is constantly growing and evolving, students need to develop a set of skills, behaviours and dispositions that equip them to be lifelong learners able to operate with confidence in a complex, information-rich, globalised world.

Science is a dynamic, collaborative and creative human endeavour arising from our desire to make sense of our world through exploring the unknown and investigating universal mysteries. Science at Emmaus provides a way of answering interesting and important questions about the biological, physical and technological world. Students learn that science knowledge is contestable and is revised, refined and extended as new evidence arises.

The science curriculum at Emmaus is in line with the National Curriculum guidelines. All students study Science in Year 7 through to Year 10, and students in Year 9 and 10 have the option to choose an elective science subject – Extension Science and Projects (ESP). In Year 11 and 12, students can choose to study Physics, Chemistry or Biology, all of which are Authority subjects.

Through the study of Science, students will have opportunities to go on a number of field trips, including an extended stay at North Keppel Island and day trips around the Rockhampton region.

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