Jesse Warren

Jesse Warren Head of Faculty, English

The study of English is central to the learning and development of all young Australians. It helps create confident communicators, imaginative thinkers and informed citizens. It is through the study of English that individuals learn to analyse, understand, communicate and build relationships with others and with the world around them.

At Emmaus College we believe that students engage with language every day both formally and informally. Set against this backdrop, we believe that the more formal study of Standard Australian English should provide students with the skills to effectively engage in the range of texts and language experiences they will encounter on their journey towards becoming active and informed citizens.

English is seen by the Emmaus College community as an integral part of a student’s education and is therefore offered as a core subject at all Year levels. Senior students have the option of choosing the Authority subject, English or the Authority Registered subject, English Communication. At Year 12, students can also choose to study English Extension.

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