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Emmaus College has a great history of success in sport throughout the Rockhampton District. Emmaus  has long been involved in many different local and regional championships. The College caters for all styles of athletes from high level athletes competing & training with and against the best, to those who just want to play for fun and have no desire to represent at a higher level.

In 2016 Emmaus was represented by 94 teams across 21 sports.

Emmaus College hosts many interschool sporting events during the year along with many Rockhampton & District trials including touch football, netball and basketball as well as the Rockhampton & District Track & Field championships, which every school attends. This brings over 900 athletes through our gates.

Emmaus College attends the following State Carnivals

  • QISSN – Queensland Independent Secondary Schools Netball
  • QISSRL – Queensland Independent Secondary Schools Rugby League
  • All Schools Touch Football Championships
  • Red Lion Cup (Football)
  • Bill Turner Cup and Trophy (Football)
  • Australia Post T20 Competition (Cricket)
  • Gold Coast Suns Cup (Australian Rules football)

Sport at Emmaus is a great way for students to meet new friends and learn the value of teamwork, fairness and commitment.

Interhouse Sport

In addition to the numerous teams on offer Emmaus also holds annual Interhouse Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics carnivals. Our four houses are:

Castles Knights

Leahy Devils

Mackillop Leprechauns

Rice Rangers

All points are tallied at the end of the year with an annual Interhouse Champion crowned at our Sports Awards ceremony in October.

Emmaus has a large representation in all sports across the region. We thrive on offering opportunity to our students by allowing them the capacity to compete at all levels.  As well as the large variety of Interschool sports we also provide students the opportunity to represent at a Rockhampton & District level with the hope they can then go on to represent Capricornia and even Queensland.

It is a requirement for all levels of sport at Emmaus that consent forms are signed by a parent or guardian and these forms can be found in the Forms section of the website, or by visiting the Sports Desk opposite the administration building on the Yaamba Road campus.

The Emmaus Sport website will ensure that you always have up to date information such as a calendar of events and all documentation for each sport if available to us.


If your student is representing Emmaus College for an interschool sport or trialling to make a Rockhampton District School Sport Representative team during school hours, our sport department will notify admin of the student’s absence from school during the duration of the event.

If your student is representing Rockhampton District, Capricornia or Queensland School Sport, it is the parents’ responsibility to advise the school by ringing the absentee number to notify of their child’s absence.

Student Absences (Years 7, 8 and 9):                      (07) 4923 5741

Student Absences (Years 10, 11 and 12):                (07) 4923 5740


Justen Parle

Justen Parle

Sport Development Officer



Lisa Norris

Lisa Norris

Sports Assistant

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