Best and Fairest Sports Awards

Date: November 1, 2016     Posted by: Ashlee Hansen

Emmaus College Best and Fairest Sports Awards

On Wednesday 26 October 2016, the Best and Fairest Sports Awards showcased the sporting achievements of students throughout the year.

Justen Parle, Head of Sports Development, delivered the following speech at the full school assembly followed by award presentations.

“Today I have the privilege of officially closing the sporting year with the Best & Fairest awards.

Over 200 students will be recognised for their achievements in a range of sports. Some for being the ultimate athlete and others for being well disciplined trainers with great skill sets such as working in a TEAM.

With over 800 students, 90 different sporting teams and 20 different sports at Emmaus College; TEAMWORK is on display all year round. However, often some kids in some sporting teams don’t always get it right.

Growing and learning new skills in sport helps towards becoming a better team member and athlete. To grow as a team member in a sporting side you have to continually strive to improve yourself in all aspects.

I want to thank all students who have made 2016 the memorable year it has become. It has been a huge year, adding 4 new tours around QLD to our calendar. Your efforts in the co-curricular life of this College will never go unnoticed.

Every time you lace up your boots, pull on OUR jersey, run on to the court or field, you create a part of history not only for yourself but our College.

In your College life you will receive six yearbooks that will detail contributions you have made in sporting teams or other parts of the college. I can only talk from experience and I stress; make the most of it. 

Make 2017 your year if you missed an opportunity to attend events like the swimming carnival or cross country.

Unfortunately for our grade 12 cohort, your final yearbook is upon you. I hope your experience has been one to remember. I hope you have had the opportunity to be involved in the sport that you love.

Thank you for your contribution over the last 4 years since I commenced here. Good luck for your future.

Most of all, nothing of what we achieved in 2016 would be possible without the help of so many coaches and staff, assisting with over 90 sporting teams.

So, I would like to personally thank Lisa Norris for your help with student’s services as she is the forefront of so many sporting inquiries. Your organisational skills have kept me on track throughout this busy year. I can honestly say that you have contributed largely to the experience had by all sporting students.

Furthermore, I would also like to publicly thank Kym Tiegs, from morning breakfast to cooking large quantities of food. Your willingness to help makes all of our tours so much more memorable for all staff and kids.

And, finally, I would like to thank a list of staff that have assisted throughout the year.”

Thank you SOAKED SWIMWEAR for lending us mannequins for the event! We have had great feedback about how great the display looked with our sporting gear on your mannequins.


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