Inclusive Curriculum and Enrichment

The staff at Emmaus College aim to meet the wide range of educational needs of our students in
many ways.

We understand the variety in learning style, rate and ability amongst our student population. Our dedicated staff are committed to maintaining an inclusive curriculum, ensuring that all students have the opportunity to achieve positive learning outcomes.

During Orientation Day, the Year 7 students are involved in some activities which are designed to identify those students who may be experiencing difficulties with the more academic elements of the curriculum. The results of these activities, in addition to the information provided by the students’ Year 7 teachers, enable learning assistance to be offered to these students as soon as possible in the school year.

Students who have been identified with learning difficulties are offered this assistance in a variety of ways and over time periods which are commensurate with their particular needs.

These same procedures assist in identifying students who have specific talents and skills so that their particular learning styles can be also challenged by appropriate tasks and programs.

The learning support staff at Emmaus will be only too happy to discuss with parents and carers, all avenues of general and specific support which may benefit their children.


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Angela Maclaine

Angela Maclaine

Head of Inclusive Curriculum and Enrichment

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