Assessment and Homework


Please click on the links below to access each year levels Assessment Schedule for Term 2.

YEAR 7 Assessment Schedule Term 3

YEAR 8 Assessment Schedule Term 3

YEAR 9 Assessment Schedule Term 3

YEAR 10 Assessment Schedule Term 3

YEAR 11 Assessment Schedule Term 3

YEAR 12 Assessment Schedule Term 3


The Emmaus College Homework Policy states ‘Homework is an important learning experience available to students and encouraged by Emmaus College.’

It is the responsibility of students to maintain a homework regime that allows for both regular practice of skills, as well as time devoted to study and assignments. It should be noted that all students have opportunities to attend various subject ‘tutorial’ sessions after school at set times during the week.

Students are given the opportunity of completing homework tasks during ‘first break’ from 11.00 to 11.20 am in a supervised classroom.  Students who do not complete homework tasks by the due date will be required to attend a ‘catch-up’ session during this time.


Term 1 2017 Tutorial Schedule – CLICK HERE

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